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Is inspiration dead?

Well, I thought it was. And then I saw her. She hollered my name across the room. That made me smile. She came out from behind the counter with her arms spread wide, her smile wider. And that almost made … Continue reading

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It’s not every day

It’s not every day that you come into contact with living history. We were enjoying dinner at a local restaurant and as it is our custom no matter where we are, we bow our heads and give thanks to God … Continue reading

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Build it and they will come

Standing on the grounds of one of the newest memorials in our nation’s capitol. A site dedicated to the peaceful spirit that inspired many to overcome their surroundings and rise above the oppression they face just for being human. His … Continue reading

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Put your thinking cap on

Do you have a special place where you go for inspiration? Besides the Bible, do you have a favorite book, video, blog, etc., that you can count on for your daily motivation? Disney is more than theme parks, restaurants and elaborate … Continue reading

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Set an example

Do you long to be a leader in your field of work? Are you an innovator? Maybe not. You don’t have to be # 1 in order to be an inspiration. Do good. Do what’s right. Make mistakes. Fail often. … Continue reading

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